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VISSCH+STAM advises organisations on their strategy development and transformation processes, and supports them in the development of innovative solutions to complex problems.
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The partners of VISSCH+STAM have worked with AKN, ArtEZ Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, C1000, Endemol International, Europees Parlement, Filmpartners, Gasunie, Groninger Museum, GVK, ICLON, Jaya He Museum, Kaagman & Kortekaas, Museum de Lakenhal, Museumplein Limburg, LBCi, Leeuwarden Fryslân 2018, Het Muziektheater Amsterdam, MBC, Merlin Entertainments, Nike, Nationaal Historisch Museum, Nationaal Comité 4 en 5 mei, National Arts Centre of Canada, Naturalis, NL EU 2016, Paleis Het Loo, Philips, Talpa, Universiteit Leiden, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Waterliniemuseum, Zeeuws Museum and Zuiderzeemuseum.

Selected Projects

Wie is de leraar?

Who’s a teacher?

A serious game about the teaching profession

Client: ICLON
What: Concept Development, Community Engagement, Workshops

Who’s a teacher? is a multi-player board game which improves the image of the teaching profession, while at the same time informing and enthusing more young people about becoming a teacher. During the game the players dare each other with all sorts of situations from the daily life of a teacher. They have to use all their knowledge, experience, skills and creativity to proves themselves as a teacher. Who’s a teacher? was developed for ICLON, the Leiden University Graduate School of Teaching.

Photo: Erik & Petra Hesmerg

Jaya He Museum

Strategic development Jaya He Museum

A new museum on Indian arts and crafts, located at Mumbai International Airport

Client: GVK/Jaya He Museum
What: Strategy Development

The Jaya He GVK New Museum is the most comprehensive museum on art and craft of India and it’s entirely situated in the public space. Sharing its home with Mumbai’s International Airport it will, with 40 million yearly passengers, undoubtedly be the most visited museum in the world. The museum holds over a thousand artefacts, some dating back to the 11th century and it exhibits work from more than a hundred artists from all over India. The museum has an extensive education and outreach programme to bring the art and craft of India back into the public domain and closer to its audiences. VISSCH+STAM is developing the museum’s national and international strategy.

Museumplein Limburg


Three new museums on how we perceive, develop and design the world around us

Client: Museumplein Limburg
What: Strategy Development, Branding

Museumplein Limburg is an innovative and surprising collection of audience engaging institutions in the south of the Netherlands. Discovery Center Continium, Earth Theater Columbus en Cube Design Museum together tell the story of the relationship between man and the way man perceives, develops and designs the world around him. Museumplein Limburg offers insight, knowledge and enthusiasm by presenting the context of heritage, history, science and industry to a wide range of audiences. VISSCH+STAM works with Museumplein Limburg on their strategy development and the national and international positioning of the institutions.


Museum of Languages

A new museum in the public space

Client: Leiden University
What: Strategy Development, Organisational Development, Branding

The Museum of Languages in Leiden aims to create a bigger interest for the languages of the world and for the role of these languages in our society and culture. However, in this day and age, museums don’t have to be grand affairs. Small, sustainable institutions, rooted in their community, will be more relevant as funding decreases. That’s why this museum will be completely developed in the public domain, in partnership with the local library and other cultural institutions. VISSCH+STAM was responsible for developing the concept, for the fundraising process and for the development of the organisation and the first activities.



Amsterdam’s hottest restaurant

Client: Kaagman & Kortekaas
What: Corporate and Visual Identity

Kaagman & Kortekaas is one of Amsterdam’s hippest new restaurants. Chef Giel Kaagman and Maitre/Sommelier Bram Kortekaas opened their bistronomy-style hotspot in September 2015. They have since received praise and accolades from diners and critics. VISSCH+STAM created the corporate and visual identity.

Photo: Bob Bronshoff

Jasper Visser


Strengthening and developing teams

Client: Philips
What: Training & Capacity Building

Philips is a large manufacturer of health and lifestyle electronics. For the past few years VISSCH+STAM has helped their data analytics and connected propositions team with tailored coaching, the development of tools for the internal dissemination and communication of its vision and creative ideation sessions for business development.

Photo: Rainer Kurzeder

VISSCH+STAM projects

Cards for Culture - Museum Edition

Cards for Culture

Cards for Culture is a game and toolkit, consisting of a well-designed box with three separate decks of cards – strategy, inspiration, trends – that help you to develop and strengthen your institutional strategy across a wide range of topics. The total of one hundred versatile and user–friendly cards stimulate your creativity, inspire innovation and guide transformation processes. VISSCH+STAM developed Cards for Culture in-house from the conceptual phase until the final product, including design and technological development.

De gulle ekster

De gulle ekster (Generous Magpie)

Generous Magpie is a platform for creative minds who offer art, original high-quality products and services to a wide public at an affordable price. The website presents the best visual artists, designers, photographers, chefs de cuisine, architects and other extraordinary figures. VISSCH+STAM developed Generous Magpie in-house from the conceptual phase until the final product, including design and technological development.

Erik Schilp

Museum Entrepreneurship

The Ten Principles of Museum Entrepreneurship is an abridged overview of the ten principles along which museums could develop their economic and social position. VISSCH+STAM offers a wide range of workshops, training sessions and lectures on this topic.

Photo: Rienke Wiersma