Stories That Make A Difference

All organizations are a collective effort to tell an engaging and memorable story to the largest possible audience. The professionals of VISSCH+STAM help your organization to devise, design, and develop these stories and, by doing so, we contribute to making the message, purpose, and intent of your organization more visible and effective. 
Our team covers all creative and strategic aspects of storytelling, from the very first idea and conception to the branding and delivery of your story to your audience. We look forward to applying our years of international experience, combined with a keen sense of creativity, technology, and design to your organization and assist you in becoming an outstanding storyteller.
Future-proof organizations tell stories that are flexible, accessible, and transcend the boundaries of the organization into the wider world. To develop such a story, you need to know who you are, what you mean to others, and why your story matters to the world. VISSCH+STAM helps you turn the answers to these questions into stories that resonate with your audience. 
VISSCH+STAM is a design studio with a profound understanding of the organizational strategy that underlies a successful story. We work with non-profits and NGOs, cultural and creative industries and for private and public organizations of all sizes on all continents.
In addition to our work with clients, VISSCH+STAM develops a toolbox of products. These products help clarify the challenges of today and provide tools and frameworks for our clients and the industries in which we operate. The knowledge we acquire in the creation and application of these products, we put to practice in our work. Like this, we ensure that our recommendations and output are in line with current best-practices and most relevant trends.
At VISSCH+STAM, we compose a unique and specialized team for each project. This way of working allows us to respond to our client’s expectations and needs, and to changing developments in a timely and flexible manner.