A strategic scan for a museum about food

Client: Alimentarium

What we did: Strategy Development, Organisational Development, Business Plan

Alimentarium is a museum about food in Vevey, Switzerland. Five years ago, Alimentarium initiated a fundamental change of focus and direction. In the years that followed the organization has become a vibrant and appealing museum space in Vevey supported by knowledge and learning based digital components. To prepare Alimentarium for decades to come, VISSCH+STAM was asked to perform a strategic scan and to recommend concrete measures to continue the successful transformation.

In Vevey, we used our bespoke Quantum Culture method to scan and map the organizations status quo and its preferred future state. The outcome of the scan highlighted areas where Alimentarium could make the biggest strategic improvements. Consequently, in a series of conversations, workshops, and other interventions, these improvements were specified and transformed into concrete measures for success. Alimentarium has accepted the outcomes of the scan and has started implementing the measures.