Collections Centre Leiden

A feasibility study for a new cultural institution

Client: Gemeente Leiden

What we did: Concept Development, Feasibility Assessment, Technical Analysis

The City of Leiden brands itself as a city of discoveries, historical culture and international knowledge. Its museums and other institutions take care of unique collections. In this light, the municipality asked VISSCH+STAM to perform a feasibility study for a new cultural institution rooted in the collections of three of the city’s most prominent museums.

The study consists of two parts. In the first part, we developed a vision on the cultural profile of the city of Leiden and mapped both the needs and desires of the many stakeholders in the city. This gave us a thorough understanding of the potential of a future cultural institution like this. In the second part, we performed a technical analysis and needs assessment of the participating museums to specify their requirements for a new collections centre.

Combining the results of both parts of the study in a series of workshops we put forward a series of options for the development of a new cultural institution that is at the same time ambitious and relevant to the specific context of Leiden.