Poetry in sign language

Crowdfunding for a unique poem

Client: Taalmuseum Leiden

What we did: Community Engagement, Digital Development

25 years ago, Leiden was one of the first cities in The Netherlands with poetry on its walls, just out in the open. By now, over 100 poems in over 30 languages can be found on the city's streets. To celebrate this anniversary, Taalmuseum Leiden, a project of VISSCH+STAM,  developed a world premiere: the first wall poem in sign language. The campaign was a huge success, raising more than the target amount and engaging 138 supporters.

Consequently, from October 14, 2017, the poem Polder by renowned deaf Dutch Sign Language poet Wim Emmerik (1940-2015) has been on display continuously at Leiden Hortus Botanicus.

The crowdfunding campaign is one of the Taalmuseum’s activities this year. For a full overview of recent and upcoming events, see their website.