The partners of VISSCH+STAM have worked with 72 Courtyard, Alimentarium, AKN, ArtEZ Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, C1000, C&A Foundation, Canadian Museum of Nature, De Zwarte Hond, Endemol International, European Parliament, Everyday Heroes, Filmpartners, Gasunie, Groninger Museum, GVK, ICLON, International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions, Jaya He Museum, Kaagman & Kortekaas, LBCi, Leeuwarden Fryslân 2018, Museo Franz Mayer, Museo de Guadalupe, Museo Nacional de Arte de Mexico, Museum de Lakenhal, Museumplein Limburg, Het Muziektheater Amsterdam, MBC, Merlin Entertainments, Nike, Nationaal Historisch Museum, Nationaal Comité 4 en 5 mei, National Arts Centre of Canada, Naturalis, Nestlé, NL EU 2016, Paleis Het Loo, Philips, Polytechnic Museum Moscow, Reinwardt Academy, Strelka Institute, Suffolk Record Office, Talpa, Universiteit Leiden, UN Live, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Waterliniemuseum, Zara, Zeeuws Museum and Zuiderzeemuseum.

Selected projects

Collecting the story of a crisis


What we did: Idea to execution is a web-based initiative to collect the stories of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Stichting 2030

A campaign and festival to involve everyone in achieving the SDGs

Client: The Museum of the United Nations

What we did: Strategy Development, Organisational Development, Branding

Stichting 2030 is an initiative to contribute to a healthy earth, strong industry, peaceful cooperation between people and the well-being of all of us.

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Ripon Museum Trust

Digital transformation at a National Portfolio Organization

Client: Ripon Museum Trust

What we did: Digital strategy, digital transformation

The Ripon Museum Trust asked VISSCH+STAM to develop a future-proof digital strategy.

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Collections Centre Leiden

A feasibility study for a new cultural institution

Client: Gemeente Leiden

What we did: Concept Development, Feasibility Assessment, Technical Analysis

A feasibility study for a new cultural institution rooted in the collections of three museums.

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A strategic scan for a museum about food

Client: Alimentarium

What we did: Strategy Development, Organisational Development, Business Plan

Alimentarium is a museum about food in Vevey, Switzerland.

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Everyday Heroes

Creating a movement around employment

Client: Everyday Heroes

What we did: Online Strategy, Digital Marketing, Social Media

Everyday Heroes is a social initiative in the Netherlands.

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Fashion for Good

Fashion for Good Experience

Client: C&A Foundation

What we did: Curatorial Development, Concept Development, Community Engagement, Project Management

Fashion for Good is a global initiative to make all fashion good.

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IFLA Global Vision

A global vision for the library field

Client: IFLA

What we did: Concept Development, Community Engagement, Workshops

The International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) is the global representative of library associations.

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Rotganzen @ Zara

A campaign with melting disco balls

Client: Zara

What we did: Campaign, Project Management

ROTGANZEN designed the shop windows of Zara's flagship stores.

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Museum of Languages

A new museum in the public space

Client: Leiden University

What we did: Strategy Development, Organisational Development, Branding

The Museum of Languages in Leiden aims to create a bigger interest for the languages of the world and for the role of these languages in our society and culture. 

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Who’s a teacher?

A serious game about the teaching profession

Client: ICLON, Leiden University

What we did: Concept Development, Community Engagement, Workshops

Who’s a teacher? is a multi-player board game which improves the image of the teaching profession.

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Strategic development Jaya He Museum

A new museum on Indian arts and crafts, located at Mumbai International Airport

Client: GVK/Jaya He Museum

What we did: Strategy Development

The Jaya He GVK New Museum is the most comprehensive museum on art and craft of India and it’s entirely situated in the public space.

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Continuum, Columbus, Cube

Three new museums on how we perceive, develop and design the world around us

Client: Museumplein Limburg

What we did: Strategy Development, Branding

Museumplein Limburg is an innovative and surprising collection of audience engaging institutions in the south of the Netherlands.

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Photo: Rainer Kurzeder

Philips Analytics

Team development and strategic ideation

Client: Philips

What we did: Training & Capacity Building

Philips is a large manufacturer of health and lifestyle electronics. 

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Vissch+Stam toolbox

Cards for Culture

Playful strategy development

Cards for Culture is a game and toolkit, consisting of a well-designed box with three separate decks of cards.

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Museum Entrepreneurship

The Ten Principles

An abridged overview of the ten principles along which museums could develop their economic and social position.

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