VISSCH+STAM supports your organization in the process to create the most effective and appropriate story around your core message and values, and relay it, effectively and sustainably to the largest possible audience. We are a design firm with a strong strategic foundation. Our teams provide strategic and creative support across a broad variety of domains.



We develop the branding for a wide range of organizations, from museums and festivals to NGOs and businesses, making sure that the image of an organization lives and breathes its story, such as we did for Museum De Lakenhal.


We research trends and developments in society to allow organizations to respond in a timely manner to changes. For instance, we aided a museum of natural history to identify the big stories to tell during the coming decade.


Our design strengthens the branding of our clients and communicates stories beyond a simple message, like our partners ROTGANZEN did for Zara.


To celebrate or emphasize a story, or to create greater awareness, we organize events, from one-off gatherings to large scale festivals, supported by campaigns and programming.


We turn locations into destinations, physically and digitally. Our achievements include an international airport that doubles as a national museum.


We develop tools for organizations with which they can help themselves, like when we created a game to create a better understanding of a profession and improve its image.



We assist organizations to identify and share their story, such as when we supported a local organization with global ambitions in updating its institutional strategy and story to reach an international audience.


We help organizations understand, develop, and reach their audiences, for instance when we created and developed a museum for a renowned university that wanted to share the impact of its knowledge and research with the wider public.


We connect organizations with their virtual and physical communities. We do this globally, for instance, through an international conversation among librarians about their purpose and vision, and locally, with community-driven events.


We help people and organizations to be leaders on the topics that matter to them, for instance, when an international fashion brand wanted to lead in the effort to change fast fashion to fair fashion.


We support organizations in their digital transformation processes and in making the most of their tools and resources, whether their scale is local or global, for instance through our work for the Ripon Museum Trust and The Hold.

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