VISSCH+STAM develops its own toolbox of projects and products. These help clarify the challenges of today and provide tools and frameworks for our clients and the industries in which we operate.

Quantum Culture (Launch winter of 2018)

Quantum Culture helps organizations to create flexible, dynamic, and more effective strategies by recognizing and emphasizing their uniqueness and by connecting around the values, ideas, and practices of their community.

Quantum Culture is a practical and accessible method which applies to traditional public institutions, but also to social, cultural, and political associations, community initiatives, start-ups, SMEs and larger businesses, educational institutions and all other organized groups that rely on community support for their success.

Quantum Culture is a method which consists of this workbook, a magazine and eight exercise foldouts, and a series of workshops. Above all, it is a platform for knowledge, debate, and learning.

Email Erik or Jasper to be informed when Quantum Culture is launched or if you want to learn more about what it can do for your organization.

Cards for Culture

Cards for Culture is a game and toolkit, consisting of a well-designed box with three separate decks of cards that help you to develop and strengthen your institutional strategy across a wide range of topics. The total of one hundred versatile and user-friendly cards stimulate your creativity, inspire innovation and guide transformation processes. Play it alone, or with others.

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